AMMO SPECIALS in store only

44mag $60/50; 308W $32/20

30/30 $22/20;223 Rem $17.60/20


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CRM Gunsports in Cairns is constantly reviewing operations to cater for the needs of all shooters. Located at 293 Draper Street, the store has been looking after Cairns , the Atherton Tablelands, Gulf country, and Cape York shooters, since 1993 as well as interstate and overseas as well. Specialists in customising Remington Model 7600 rifles especially 10 shot conversions sees business across the country.

Custom extended magazine releases; trigger improvements along with action polishing are common requests on 7600 we sell.

Shane Green heads the operation since 2006 and grew up on the plains of Julia Creek. Shane never forgets his country roots and has always been involved in shooting sports – competitive IPSC, clay target, F class long range and hunting, with annual trips to Cape York hunting boars and to New Zealand for Canada geese. He also has hunted big game in Zimbabwe and RSA.

CRM has a full range of shooting products – new and second hand firearms in Categories - A:B:C:D and H, and backed by an impressive range of ammunition, and reloading proponents, cleaning gear, rifle, pistol, safes, rifle, pistol and spotting scopes, and all other allied gear one expects to find in a first class gun shop.

The range of reloading components is huge, ranging from hand loading tools through single stage presses and including fully automatic multi-stage volume tools. Hard to get ammunition and components - like the old WCF rounds - .25-20, .32-20,44-40.

“There is still a lot of interest in these old rounds,” explains Shane, “the WCF lever action rounds are favourites with Cowboy Action shooters, and a few 1892 model Winchesters are alive and well on local cane farms and outback cattle stations who use them for pest destruction, and saddle guns.”

One talking point is the massive 4-bore punt gun that adorns the shop wall. Just image firing one of those old relics using today’s modern powers. The kick would probably put a .460 WM to shame.

The facility is large with retail showroom, indoor range, walk-in strong room, office, clubroom, and gunsmith shop, located on the premise. The six bay 25 m indoor range allows on-site testing of firearms, zeroing of handguns on all bays and all calibre rifles on two bays.

Combined with a ballistic computer program that has an adjusting point at 25 m, CRM Gunsports can set up any firearm that are very close to zero at a nominated range., i.e. 50 mm high at 100 m for a .270W rifle firing 130 grain projectiles.

The indoor range is open to visitors and sees extensive use not only by several hundred CRM Gunsports Pistol Club members, but also by Navy, Customs, Armaguard, and both Federal and State Police Departments.





“One of our most popular pig and general hunting rifle is the Remington 7600 in .308W,.

Unlicensed visitors are also welcome and can sample the experience of firing handguns such as the .44 Magnum and 9mm Tanfoglio as well as rifles and shotguns at CRM Gunsports, Many tourists take advantage of the facility to try shooting firearms which may be unavailable to them at home.

The wet season also sees an increase in the indoor range use when both humidity and monsoon rains combine to make outdoor shooting sports very uncomfortable.

High volume air pump/extractors change the air inside the range every few minutes to extract the lead fumes and for cooling. Nowhere else in the tropics is there a cool shooting complex like this.

Firearm Training Courses are conducted on the premises for shooters requiring shooting licenses in all categories including M or crossbows.. “Out of town visitors can book in for the course while visiting Cairns on business or shopping, “explains Shane. “ It is very popular with Cape York and Gulf country residents who don’t have access to training courses in their areas. They can also look at what they want to buy and we can send it out to them when their license has been approved.” There is also the facility to offer one on one training sessions mid week if required.

The store has four fulltime staff and five casuals. All are highly trained experienced shooters, hunters, competitors, and hand loaders, with a genuine friendly attitude to help new and old shooters for their hunting and shooting needs.

All the staff “escape” to the Cape or Gulf as often as possible to fish for barramundi, or hunt for boar, while weekend fishing trips on the nearby Great Barrier Reef is always on the cards.

“One of our most popular pig and general hunting rifle is the Remington 7600 in .308W,” informs Shane . “We offer lots of gunsmith support for it like trigger improvement, bolt polishing, magazine release extensions, and more.”

A fulltime resident armourer, Peter Knowlton (PK to his mates) manages the gunsmith work. The gunsmith shop is well set up to provide most gunsmith service and customer needs, be it repairs or a custom-built firearm.

CRM Gunsports also stores firearms for people, and has an extensive selection of second hand guns in stock at all times.