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CRM Gunsports in Cairns is constantly reviewing operations to cater for the needs of all shooters.



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We offer pistol, rifle and shotgun shooting to tourists and locals alike (ask about our locals/group discounts). Unlicensed visitors are welcome and can sample the experience of firing handguns such as the .44 Magnum and 9mm Tanfoglio as well as rifles and shotguns at CRM Gunsports. A great option for bucks and hens parties, tourists and staff bonding sessions. Also a great wet weather option for all.


CRM has a full range of shooting products – new and second hand firearms in Categories - A:B:C:D and H, and backed by an impressive range of ammunition, and reloading components, cleaning gear, safes, scopes, spotting scopes, Night Vision etc and all other gear one expects to find in a first class gun shop.

CZ 22LR Special - These great 22's have a huge reputation built over the years.

Come and see us for matching a great scope and ring package.



Firearm Safety Courses are conducted on the premises for shooters requiring shooting licenses in all categories including A,B,C,D, M etc “Out of town visitors can book in for the course while visiting Cairns on business or shopping, “explains Shane. “ It is very popular with Cape York and Gulf country residents who don’t have access to training courses in their areas. They can also look at what they want to buy and we can send it out to them when their license has been approved.” There is also the facility to offer one on one training sessions mid week if required.

The store has four fulltime staff and five casuals. All are highly trained experienced shooters, hunters, competitors, and hand loaders, with a genuine friendly attitude to help new and old shooters for their hunting and shooting needs.

A fulltime resident armourer, Peter Knowlton (PK to his mates) manages the gunsmith work. The gunsmith shop is well set up to provide most gunsmith service and customer needs, be it repairs or a custom-built firearm.

CRM Gunsports also offers a storage service.



AMMO SPECIALS in store only

9mm      from         $27/50 $115/250

308W     from         $25 /20

30/30      from         $29 /20

223 Rem from        $17.60/20


Great prices on shotgun ammo and clays


Remington, Federal, Winchester, Hornady, CCI, Eley, Lapua, Highland, PPU, Barnaul, S&B etc



Starting at $1299

"Probably the most popular pig and general hunting rifle is the Remington 7600 in .308W"

We are specialists in customising Remington Model 7600 rifles especially 10 shot conversions. There is nothing worse than a rifle that jams in the heat of the moment (Maybe a once per year trip?). Be wary of buying "after market mags" without a proper fit and function. We offer a wide range of modifications and improvements - come and talk to our staff to get the perfect gun for you. Quote this add to receive a box of ammo free with your gun.


TIKKA T3 www.tikka

"The Tikka Revolution".

Tikka  and Sako barrels are without reproach in factory rifles. We standby their accuracy and they compare well with most custom barrels out there. You can "expect" to get under half a minute of angle with good handloaded ammunition and the manufacturers test each rifle before leaving the factory. YOU CAN RELY ON TIKKA

T3 Lite SS - $1199, T3 Varmint SS $1555, CTR SS $1820 - call for other prices




These Australian made 22LR rifles are proving to have great accuracy potential. "The barrel quality is right up there with BR quality giving some amazing results". Buy one from CRM and we will help you get the most out of these little Aussie Beauties - including crowns, bedding blocks, trigger jobs etc.