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Wepons licensing

THE SAFETY COURSES ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE ONLY 2 COURSES LEFT THIS MONTH OF MAY 2022 ,THEN THE UNKNOWN FROM JUNE ONWARDS                                                     The Queensland Police Firearms Registry is responsible for ensuring compliance with the QLD firearms legislation as well as the QLD prohibited weapons and articles legislation in Queensland.

To obtain a firearms licence or permit to acquire a firearm in Queensland, the applicant must complete the relevant form and submit it to the Queensland Police Weapons Licensing Branch. QP Weapons Licensing website.

Existing firearms licence holders should apply between 30 and 60 days prior to the expiration of their current licence. Reapplication notices are sent out two months prior to expiry by email. Licensees should make sure they re-apply at least 24 hours before their licence expires. Inter-state transfers must make application to Qld WLB within 28 days of arrival and provide proof of their Queensland address along with current Firearms Licence and Firearms list.

There are a number of minimum requirements an applicant must meet to apply for a firearms licence.

The applicant must:

  • Provide a genuine reason for having a firearms licence [such as SSAA membership]
  • Provide a current Certificate of Competency accrediting safe handling of the Category applied for. [ must undertake an accredited Safety Course under Licenced Trainer and RTO]
  • Be aged 18 years or over [Minors may apply once over 11 years but cannot own firearms]
  • Be judged to be a fit and proper person by the Authorised Officer.
  • provide copies of a birth certificate and/or other documentation
  • Meet secure home storage and safety requirements for their firearm(s)
  • Be a resident of the Queensland as evidenced by a recent rates notice, telephone or electricity account, a lease agreement, a copy of business registration, or a letter from an employer.

If applying for a licence for the first time, the applicant must undertake a firearms training and safety course that is compliant with WLB standards. These courses are available through various clubs and authorised firearms instructors

For more information on firearms licences, please visit the Queensland Police Wepons Licensing website.

Where do I start?

To start the process of obtaining your weapons licence your first step is to join a gun club association like SSAA, you will also need to get a unique student ID which you can obtain online, then you must complete a "Weapons Safety Course" once you have completed this course, you must then submit all the relevant information requested by the Queensland Police Weapons Licensing, once all documents are submitted, and your application fee has been paid, then you can expect your licence in approximately 3 to 4 months, in some cases this can take longer. You may also use a property letter for a genuine reason or for Occupational Firearms Licence.
A case reference ID number will be generated by WLB when the application is completed and paid for by credit card online. With that Case reference number you may apply for a Permit to Acquire for a firearm and that application will run in conjunction with the licence you have just applied for. Applying for a "Permit to Acquire" after" receiving your firearms licence, will result in a 28 day waiting period on any PTA application until WLB can see a firearm within their system against your licence.

During your waiting time you will receive a phone call from Weapons Licensing asking you to attend your local police station to confirm your appearance against the digital photo provided on your initial application. Once you get to this stage your licence is not far away.

Where can I do my safety course?

A weapons safety course can be done at most of your local gun clubs.

For members of Cairns and surrounding areas CRM Gun Sports provides gun safety course every weekend on Saturday at the CRM Gun Club at 293 Draper St, Cairns 4870. To book online, and take the first step in your weapons licence application click on the book now button below. Please note applicants will need a unique student ID to attend the safety course, you can apply for a student ID online for free.

Please note applicants will need a unique sutdent ID to attend the safty course, you can apply for a student ID online for free. Apply For My Student ID NOW

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